High Tech Windows (The Glass Kind) In Concept Home

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I guess it’s a statement about the world we live in when you need to explain that you mean the “glass kind” of windows when using the word. Anyway, the folks at Andersen Windows have gone high tech and built a “concept home” with some very high tech windows. While they can appear to be standard windows, with the push of a button they can go opaque – with many of them having the ability to become high resolution computer or television screens. Other windows turn into speakers. The screen windows function as touch screens as well (though, you might end up with fingerprint smudges on your windows that way). The screen windows work by being fitted with a microfiber LCD screen which gives them the ability to go opaque or to display images. In the case of the television window – it requires a projection TV system, that projects onto a window that has gone opaque. The computer screen is fully integrated with the window.

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Comments on “High Tech Windows (The Glass Kind) In Concept Home”

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Ed Halley says:

No Subject Given

Besides the obvious “throwing stones” jokes, the one design area where you really need to be careful is that of noise control.

When many surfaces are smooth, rigid and thin, the acoustics must be really difficult to control. I imagine the walls could be arranged slightly off-square to channel excess noise upward into waffled ceilings, but at some point, visual architecture will balk at those requirements.

I doubt San Andreas Fault residences will be quick to adopt it until we’re sure of the fracture mechanics.

Also, combine these ideas with the guy whose whole apartment is filled with $50K of LED illumination, and you’ve got some really interesting modernization.

Heinlein was appalled that we’re such an advanced race, still living in nothing more than caves which have been painted and carpeted. Maybe this is a departure from the timber, plaster and cement age.

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