Kodak Giving Up On Film Camera Sales

from the will-anyone-notice? dept

The rise of the digital camera continues. Last year, Kodak woke up one day and realized that digital technology really was a threat to their business and decided to do something about it – even if it meant cannibalizing their own business. This made sense, because if they didn’t destroy their own business, someone else would have. So, it’s not a huge surprise to hear that they’re going to stop selling film cameras in North America and Europe. They’re not giving up on film, of course, just the cameras they used to sell to try to get people to buy more film. They’re also not ditching the ever-popular disposable film cameras, because those still sell pretty well. Overall, this probably makes sense. It’s cutting off a shrinking business where they have no real advantage over anyone else, and lets them focus on areas they hope will help them grow in the future.

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