Fax.com Avoiding Fines

from the isn't-lying-on-the-stand-a-crime? dept

Last week we wrote about the latest FCC fine against Fax.com. Wired News, however, is pointing out that Fax.com has a history of simply ignoring those fines and refusing to pay. While the current fine also applies to the new companies Fax.com employees founded to try to keep sending out junk faxes while shutting down Fax.com, the company is still trying to deny any association with those companies – despite pretty compelling evidence. It also seems clear that Fax.com’s CEO has been lying in court. He denied working with those who set up the new companies… until he was shown a signed contract showing he was working with them. He even claimed that he didn’t know that he was CEO of the firm until his lawyer reminded him that he was. You would think that this type of foot dragging would lead to additional penalties and/or jail time.

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