Alternate Political News Sources Growing… Slowly

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From the headline and lead of this article, you would think that a tremendous number of people now got their political news from the internet and humor television like The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live. However, the percentages of people who get their main political news that way is still quite small – approximately 20% of “young adults”. The only notable thing is that the percentage is growing. The other interesting thing to me, though, in the study, is that more people are beginning to realize that any news they read is biased. For this, I think the internet does deserve some credit – because it has done much more to present many different viewpoints than any TV show has ever done. Just by having that out there, people begin to realize that there are many different ways to spin a story, so that, even when factual, the story can be told in quite a different way.

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Comments on “Alternate Political News Sources Growing… Slowly”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:


Asides from the spin, there’s also the issue of what the news chooses to present or not present. Most Americans don’t like seafood, so US media tends to have more anti-seafood news. Most Japanese like seafood but view meat as a dirty food, so Japanese news tends to have more anti-meat news. In the month I spent over there, they had you believe that people in the USA were starving to death because nobody could eat meat anymore. I came back, and it looks like nobody here really cares about the BSE thing.

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