Phantom Console Makes Phantom Appearance At CES… Sort Of…

from the let-me-show-you-this-box... dept

Earlier this year we had a few articles about the mysterious Phantom gaming console that many are saying is just a big hoax or scam – as there seems to be very little real information on the thing. Now TAD writes in to point out that: “The Phantom console has shown up at CES, with no games, no screen shots – the reps wouldn’t even turn it on. Just a box with some “ports” on it.” Doesn’t do much to inspire confidence.

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Comments on “Phantom Console Makes Phantom Appearance At CES… Sort Of…”

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MissinLnk says:

Re: And no power input, either

None of the photos show anywhere where a AC power cord can be connected…

Do you know what the plug is under the 10/100 lan port? Might that be some kind of proprietary power plug? Maybe the power is provided in an external power adaptor that’s then connected through that plug.

Master Ethan says:

Re: Re: And no power input, either

taking a look at it, and…

I read around and the Cable Modem (300 ohm coaxial cable) port is a cable modem (that’s what they say…) built into the console. But you don’t have to use it, instead you can use the 10/100 Ethernet port, which is on the left side of the back. Under it seems to have a power port, as MissinLnk said, seems to be something proprietary. Also note the Power button, it’s the small…little….little… black, round, button, above the ethernet port.

P.S.: not a big fan of The Phantom, just thought I’d share my noledge with you all

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