Hotspots Still Have A Way To Go

A reporter for WiFi Planet did the easy story for anyone reporting on WiFi these days, and checked out a bunch of WiFi hotspots while traveling, and wrote up the results, suggesting that hotspots still have a way to go if they want to become the easy internet access destination choice of millions. For anyone who uses hotspots in various locations, the story will not be at all surprising. It’s not easy to connect. Dealing with ever-changing network settings, log-in screens that don’t work, flakey connections, and a variety of other problems. Oddly, the most common problem seemed to be log-in screens that don’t work, which brings us back to the idea of just offering free WiFi. Without having to deal with a log-in screen, none of these problems would have occurred. And, while the counter argument is that no money would be made, I’d bet this guy cost every hotspot more in terms of tech support time than he paid for the WiFi.

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