Forget File Sharing – It's The DVD That's Killing Other Entertainment

from the blame-the-DVD dept

While most forms of entertainment are struggling for a variety of reasons, the DVD has continued to be an astounding success that many people just can’t explain. However, plenty of other entertainment mediums are trying to piggyback on the DVD’s success – as they realize that DVD buying and watching is clearly eating into their own business. Old TV shows are being pulled out of the vault as quickly as possible and put on DVD. Record labels are adding DVDs to albums they release. Movie theaters are even thinking of giving “bonus points” towards free DVDs based on how many theater tickets (or how much popcorn) you buy. Of course, what the article doesn’t point out is that all of this is happening despite the movie industry screaming and complaining about online movie sharing. The article here opens by talking about the phenomenal success of the DVD for Finding Nemo. Back when Nemo came out, there had been a big stink because it had been found on the internet at the same time it was released in the theaters – but still made a ton of money in the theaters, and now is setting DVD sales records. Funny what happens when you offer a good product that people want at a reasonable price.

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Comments on “Forget File Sharing – It's The DVD That's Killing Other Entertainment”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Hey Mike, How exactly do you define a ‘reasonable’ price ?

Not trying to be an ass, but I hear you saying that 99 cent or 9.99 for a CD is too much and yet you consider Nemo (least I think that’s what you said) DVD to a better value.

Yet, I suspect if I bought a CD I like and a DVD I like, that I’d get more use out of the CD as am more apt to listen to the same song, say once a week, but watching a movie every week just isn’t an option … least not for a sane person.

So what/who/how is ‘reasonable’ determined ?

BoilerBob says:

Re: No Subject Given

The difference in my mind, is that when I buy a movie, I watch the whole movie. Spending 9.99 or more on a CD for 1 song I like with 9 fillers seems like a bad value since I’m paying for something I won’t use. I think that is why downloads of single songs are my preferred way to buy music now days. Having the record companies force me to buy a full CD will make me buy nothing.

That’s my $.02 on resaonable pricing.

BTW, I don’t consider 99 cents too much for a single song but I do want volume discounts so the more I buy the cheaper per song.

Matthew H. Wier says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Consider the price of going to the movies these days: at my local theater there are three tiers of regular (not student, youth, senior, etc.) ticket prices: regular $8.25, matinee $5.75 and twilight $5.00. According to friends in larger metropolitan areas, these are faily cheap. Ticket prices in Manhattan now top $10.00. That said, it’s becoming cheaper to just go out and buy the DVD and avoid the expensive tickets, overpriced concessions, crowds and rude talking people and just watch the movie at home.

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