Why Microsoft's SPOT Isn't Worth The Time Of Day

We’ve been bashing Microsoft’s SPOT datacasting-to-watch technology since it was announced. Last week, I finally saw a SPOT watch, and I was severely underwhelmed. I wasn’t the only one. David Coursey, is absolutely trashing Microsoft for releasing a product that is clearly half-baked. Many of the features they’ve been promoting don’t work at all. More importantly, even if they get that fixed, it seems clear that Microsoft doesn’t understand what people will use the watch for. Coursey found the data was badly formated for the watch form factor, and found numerous things to complain about. From the watch I saw, my only reaction was that it looked “big”. I still don’t see why people are going to be all that interested in paying extra for data they can get from a variety of other sources – including (increasingly) their mobile phones.

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