Reality TV Meets Online Dating Meets… Highway Billboard?

from the huh? dept

Not quite sure what to make of the new advertising campaign from Yahoo Personals. It sounds like they’re trying to jump on the “reality TV” bandwagon by filming some dates from some of their users – but here’s where it gets strange. The dates will all take place on a billboard. At first, I thought they meant that the webcast would be shown on the billboard, but going to the site (and watching the incredibly painful to watch video) it looks as though, these people are actually sitting on the billboard, having the dates out there, above the road, cars driving by and all. I’m not exactly sure what the billboard has to do with anything, but I guess it’s working in getting them some attention (and, potentially, causing car accidents). I’m not sure how it makes anyone more interested in using such a personals service, though. The five minutes or so I watched was insanely boring. It’s like the TV show Blind Date – but without any of the amusing commentary and with all the boring awkward conversation that TV show cuts out. If there ever were a good use of the hecklebot, this would be it, though.

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