Execs To Continue Licensing Music

from the going-their-own-way dept

While Vivendi Universal sold off the domain name to CNET, they didn’t sell much else of the business. Now, some former execs have picked up some of the other assets to continue an offering that was started in 2002 to license music online for use in places like offices and retail environments. It lets subscribers put in their own advertisements or announcements as well. So, the next time you’re walking through the department store listening to the muzak that’s playing, realize it may be coming from MP3s. Of course, now that destroyed their database of songs, I wonder what music they’re licensing out. The article claims the company also bought the licenses to a number of songs, but it sounds like they’ll have to create a brand new database to use them. They also say they’re going to sign deals with major labels to offer their music as well.

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