Real Networks To Launch Own Copy Protection Store

from the because-we-don't-have-enough dept

Clearly, we don’t have enough incompatible formats for music download stores, because Real Networks has decided they can make a real dent in the marketplace by offering yet another me-too music download store – but with increased copy protection that no one supports. Thus, you can download songs from Real, but you won’t be able to play them on just about any digital music player right now. How does this benefit consumers? That part isn’t clear.

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Comments on “Real Networks To Launch Own Copy Protection Store”

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1 Comment
Mikester says:


I’ve commented before here on just how much I hate Real Networks and their infectious ‘player’.
This is perfect because it’s just one more nail in their coffin. Think of all the R&D money they’re spending on developing this prop. format and of course no one’s going to flock to it.
Hopefully it will drain what little resources they have left (unless they win their latest lawsuit) and put this company where it deserves to be – out of business.

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