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Atari Copies BMW In Making Online Promotional Movies

from the beginning-to-understand dept

I’m really somewhat amazed it’s taken this long, but someone has finally decided to duplicate BMW’s efforts to make compelling online promotions that people will seek out. Following the example of BMW films (a set of short films by famous directors that have a BMW as a major component of the story line), Atari has made a short film for one of their games that includes no game footage and will be shown entirely online. Once again, someone is realizing that promotional materials and content are the same thing, and you get to promote more if (a) the content is good and compelling and (b) you give it away free.

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Comments on “Atari Copies BMW In Making Online Promotional Movies”

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1 Comment
MLO says:


Those BMW films were a prime example of excellently done marketing. Any time I hear about an advertising campaign on a tech forum (I heard about it from ArsTechnica), I know it’s good stuff.

FYI, did you know that the phone numbers that were mentioned in the films were valid phone numbers. If you called them, you’d get clues that would lead you to another clue.


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