Woman Ticketed For Appearing Nude On The Web

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As you’re probably aware, it’s not illegal to appear naked on the internet. However, there are some real world places where it is illegal to appear naked – and when one woman posted pictures of herself naked at various locations around Lincoln, Nebraska, police ticketed her for violating their no-nudity laws. In other words, the only reason she got caught was because she posted evidence of her “crime” online – and police found it. My question, of course, is what were the police doing to discover these pictures?

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Comments on “Woman Ticketed For Appearing Nude On The Web”

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bbay says:

No Subject Given

I live in Lincoln, and I know exactly which website they’re talking about. It’s been something of a local scandal lately. Cassidy (the police chief) has been on the news several times saying that basically there’s nothing they can do to the owners of the site, so I guess now they’re trying to crack down in any way that they can.

It’s probably pressure from the university, which doesn’t want to be known as “the university where your daughter will get naked on the internet”.

Unfortunate for the young lady in question, she faces some pretty harsh penalties for something that probably seemed tame compared with certain other culturally ratified activities, such as spring break.

Jay says:

I hope she has a good lawyer

IANAL, but I think that if she does have a good one she can beat it.
Usually, in order for a picture to be entered into evidence, someone has to be able to testify that the picture is a “true and accurate representation” of what was photographed.
With a bit of photoshopping pictures of the police chief flashing in the same locations could be created. This would clearly demonstrate that it’s possible that the pictures of the girl are fake.
Without witnesses testifying to the event, there would be reasonable doubt for an aquittal.

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