New Spam Law Won't Stop Number One Spammer

from the why-would-it? dept

Alan Ralsky is famous as one of the top spammers around, so the NY Times went to see what he had to say about the new CAN SPAM law. While he says that he’s upset at how “one-sided” it is, it won’t do anything to stop him from spamming. He claims that he’ll go legit with a real opt-out address in emails, but it’s tough to believe that, when he claims in the same article that he’s become an expert at hiding his identity in how he sends out spam. He also says that he can’t stop spamming because there’s “too much money” to be made – even if (he claims) it’s been getting more expensive lately to keep ahead of all those filters. It’s also amusing to see him blame “the internet” for “forcing” him to hide his identity online. Perhaps, if he wasn’t annoying people by bombarding them with crap they didn’t want, he wouldn’t have had to hide himself.

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