Another Online Grocer Down For The Count

from the try,-try-again dept

Lots and lots of companies have tried and failed at the online grocery game. Even before the biggest and most famous failure, Webvan, came on the scene, many people thought that the space was dead from folks like Peapod who had tried and failed to make a go of it. In the last year there had been some talk about how brick-and-mortar grocery stores like Safeway and Albertson’s were making progress with integrated online offerings, but apparently even that model isn’t working for everyone. Popular upscale grocer Whole Foods has shut down its own online operations, though, they don’t give much of a reason why.

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Comments on “Another Online Grocer Down For The Count”

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1 Comment
Aaron Tucker (user link) says:

Online Grocers

I’ve used here, and it was a nice experience. Made me think of all those movies I’ve seen with some kid delivering groceries and putting them away and everything for a good tip.

The upside is you always have your shopping list and know how much it’s going to cost, and you can’t forget anything since you have all the time in the world to find each item you want without running through the aisles like a madman. I even have a big grocery store less than 5 blocks away, but online grocery shopping is fun! The best part is that you can buy all those kids’ cereals you would feel embarrased about carrying through checkout, and no more price checks on feminine products for the wife!

The downside, 15% on the bill for them, but someone’s gotta get paid to shop and drive, so if you don’t have the money to burn, it’s not a good idea. You could go shopping, and then go out to eat with the 15%. If you need it quick it’s not going to happen. Online grocery shopping lets you plan and have it all sorted out, but if you need something extra, it’s going to take about 24 hours to get it. Also if they can’t find what you want, they will find an alternative brand and you might not like that idea, but you’re stuck with it.

Here (Austin, TX) we’ve got a service that delivers food from just about every restaraunt that doesn’t deliver too. They provide menus from every restaraunt and you just tell them when you want it, and it’s there! For saving me the drive through dinner-rush-hour once a week or so, they deserve their 15% too.

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