Will Good Legal Decisions Lead To Bad Laws?

from the probably dept

For every good legal decision concerning file sharing networks in the past week, it becomes increasingly likely that the entertainment industry will simply push for more bad laws to get around these judges who dare to understand the law and the reason why they make sense. Of course, as powerful as the entertainment industry lobby is, I’m hopeful that any attempt to make changes to various intellectual property laws will at least open up the debate – and potentially get the laws changed in the other direction, promoting openness and collaboration, rather than artificial monopolies and systems that hinder innovation and creativity.

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Comments on “Will Good Legal Decisions Lead To Bad Laws?”

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1 Comment
PhuzzyLogic says:

No Subject Given

I still remember the days, back when my hair was short…

The days when you bought something, it was yours, lock, stock and barrel.

Think of it, “I just bought a house….well, its not really mine, I have the deed… “

“Persuant title five of ‘The Thompson Agreement’ dated 2015, chapter 502, section 5,000,000, page 4,345, paragraph 52, line 400 you are never entitled to own any property within the borders of teh Earth.”

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