Scottish School Decides Not To Ban Camera Phones

With all of the stories showing up every day about yet another place banning camera phones, it’s a bit refreshing to see the school system in Edinburgh, Scotland, say they’re not going to ban camera phones from schools, despite loud protests about how such phones could be misused in any number of ways. Instead, the calmer heads of the school district point out that they already have a rule on the books saying that all mobile phones must be turned off on school property, meaning that it’s already against the rules to use a camera phone at the school. However, completely banning the phones goes too far, as many parents want their children to be able to have a phone in case of emergency. Thus, cooler heads have prevailed, and realized that existing rules already deal with the misuse of camera phones and there’s no need to completely ban the technology just because some small segment of the population might misuse it.

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