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Return Of The Tech IPO

from the slightly-different-profile dept

There have been a bunch of similar articles lately, but it appears that tech IPOs are starting to heat up. Most of the IPOs that are going out (and the pace is increasing) seem to be doing well (though, Orbitz was a bit of a clunker). More and more companies are at least lining up to go public next year. The profiles, though, are a bit different than they were in the boom years, and look a lot more like what a typical IPO should look like: a profitable company that has a long enough track record to understand where the business appears to be heading. These are less speculative IPOs and more expansion IPOs, which seems healthier. Meanwhile, the biggest hitter on the IPO bench is, of course, Google, who may be timing their IPO with the presidential election season, noting that (surprise, surprise) the economy seems to get a lift during election years. Update: In related news, the number 2 hitter on the IPO bench, Salesforce.com, has just filed to go public.

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