The Phone Album

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In the past, we’ve wondered why Apple wasn’t selling “space” on the iPod. In some sense, they almost are nowadays with iTunes. But, the ability to offer a “heavy metal” or “hip hop” iPod including thousands of songs seems like it would be a great seller – except that the music industry would probably freak out about it, and make it way too expensive. However, it looks like some people are beginning to get the basic idea. Submitted by Ron and as found on Gizmodo is the news that along with Jay-Z’s new album is an offering for a Nokia 3300 preloaded with all the songs from the album – as both MP3s and ringtones. Of course, at an album level, this doesn’t make nearly as much sense. Most consumers certainly don’t buy new phones each time they buy a new album. However, it is a step in the right direction, realizing that the music acts as promotion for some other good or service that people are willing to pay for.

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Comments on “The Phone Album”

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Joe Schmoe says:

Grog say...

This actually is the next logical step in their stone age practice… The music industry doesn’t actually sell us music – their MO is to sell objects that just happen to have music on them. Did I loose you yet?

Remember that favorite song you bought on a 45? Then you bought a copy of it on an 8-Track so you could listen to it in the car. Then you bought it on a Cassette when those came into fashion. And again on a CD with the promise of higher fidelity. The last time you, ooops, downloaded it…

An iPod preloaded with tune’age is just about their last chance to sell you an object with music on it. And their probably gonna blow it…

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