Camera Phones Everywhere – And, Boy Are They Useful

The latest research shows that, despite what a few analysts and reporters are saying, customers are very interested in camera phones. That’s good, of course, because it’s the customers with the money – not the analysts and reporters. The article linked here, gives a number of different examples of how businesses are making good use of camera phones, which is exactly what many of us (started by Alan Reiter) have been saying the industry needs to highlight. Meanwhile, folks like Jack Gold continue to go around trashing the phones. Each time he makes statements like he does in this article, the less trustworthy META Group (his employer) becomes. He’s recommending that companies actively stop their employees from using technology that can be helpful in their business because of the risk that they could be misused. The fact that just about any technology can be used for good or bad purposes seems to have escaped him – but I wonder how he felt when email first showed up in the enterprise. After all, (gasp!) people might email confidential documents outside the company.

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