It's Time To Fight Spam… By Speaking Up?

from the how-loud-do-we-need-to-get? dept

Over at InternetWeek, editor Bob Evans is reviewing a number of recent spam stories and saying that we need to fight back against spam. Hmm. As if we haven’t been doing that already? Just how are we supposed to fight back? By complaining as loudly as possible. At least that appears to be the recommendation. Again, I think plenty of people have been complaining pretty damn loudly for quite some time, and all it’s gotten us is a bunch of bad legislation that is only going to make the problem worse. Not that we shouldn’t stop complaining (especially about these bad laws), but complaining doesn’t do much without more proactive suggestions for solutions.

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Comments on “It's Time To Fight Spam… By Speaking Up?”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Please do something

Where I work, someone sold a chunk of e-mail addresses from our global mailing list and I was one of the names.

My spam count was exceeding 700/wk when the company finally decided to implement a server-side spam filter.

Sadly they went with one that catches spam, puts it in a quarantined area and then sends me an e-mail containg the header information and tells me to reply to that message if I want the server to forward the message on to me.

Whoopee, I still get just as many crap e-mails each day as I did before, it’s just that now 98% of them come from the e-mail server instead of outside spam senders.

Sadly there is nothing I can do about the few spam that still leak through (about 2-4 per day), there isn’t an e-mail address I can forward them to and say “learn from this message” like I could with a client-side spam filter…

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