First Positive Review Of A Microsoft SPOT Watch

We haven’t been all that kind to Microsoft’s SPOT watch plans over the last year here on Techdirt. It seems like a plan destined to fail (though, it’s always tough to bet against Microsoft money). However, (as found by I4U News) here’s a very positive review of the watch. Of course, our worry was never whether or not the device would be useful, but whether or not anyone would pay for it – and our answer was that it was extremely unlikely people would be willing to pay for the sort of content that they already could access for free from elsewhere. That’s just the basic nature of how much people value certain widely available content. It seems like most of the content that a SPOT watch will provide is just as easily reachable via a mobile phone. Furthermore, the review points out a second area that may cause people to think twice about buying into a SPOT watch. Whereas, right now, your watch battery may die every few years (if that often), a SPOT watch needs to be recharged on a very regular basis. For people who have never thought of recharging a watch, it’s yet another hurdle to climb over.

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