Spammers Struggling, Moving Overseas

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Yet another in a long line of “spammer profiles.” This one focuses on two grandparents who spam for a living – but claim that times are tough for spammers, and they may have to declare bankruptcy. I’m sure we all pity them and the “free speech rights” go on and on about. The article does a good job pointing out how spammers are quite different than direct mail companies – no matter what the spammers claim. It also points out, however, that spammers are all setting up shop overseas, where it will be even more difficult to track them down once the US law legalizing most spam goes into effect. I’m still wondering why no one is demanding that, if we must pass such a terrible law, why don’t we have some clear review point, six months from the law going into effect that will show how much more spam is being received? If it shown (as most of us suspect) that the law does nothing to stop spam (and may even help increase it), then shouldn’t a Plan B be lined up?

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Comments on “Spammers Struggling, Moving Overseas”

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Patrick says:

Cyber Terrorism

Why don’t we put the government anti-terrorist zealots to good use, and define spam as cyber terrorism? After all, the loss in productivity from spam is probably greater (when taken as a whole) than any worm or virus could cause. Thus, spam puts a large drain on our economy and on the tech industry in particular, as IT is then unable to make workers as efficient as it otherwise might, reducing ROI. Foreign nations that refuse to cooperate in shutting down spam operations could be sanctioned for harboring terrorists. At least it would get our government off our backs and harrassing some one else, and maybe they could do some good.

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