More Legislation Slapping Down The Carriers

It appears that politicians can’t come up with bills that slap down the wireless carriers fast enough. They’re practically shoving each other aside to get them introduced. The latest is a bill that says carriers can’t change the terms of a contract without notifying the customer 60 days in advance of the changes and giving them the opportunity to opt-out without a penalty. Of course, I’m not sure why there needs to be legislation for this. As I understand it, unilateral changes on a contract, without giving the agreeing party the right to consent or decline are not considered binding (though, many companies do so already). It’s not much of a “contract” if it’s unilateral.

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Comments on “More Legislation Slapping Down The Carriers”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

As crazy as it sounds, virtually all wireless carrier contracts contain a clause allowing them to unilaterally change the terms. By subscribing to the service, their position is that you are agreeing in writing that you will abide by any terms they come up with. Crazy. Legislation is definately needed to address this abusive practice.

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