Employees Fired By Text Message Get Compensation

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Back in June, we wrote about a UK company that had run out of money, and their advisors from PriceWaterhouseCoopers had decided that the most cost efficient way of letting the staff know was to send them all a text message on their phones telling them they had been fired and wouldn’t be paid any money owed to them. Apparently, soon after that, the former head of the company was seen “sunning himself at his luxury villa in Spain.” How nice. A small group of the fired employees have taken their claims against the company to an employment tribunal and won compensation, as the panel found that the staff had been “cynically manipulated”. Of course, now, all the other employees are likely to file cases as well.

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Comments on “Employees Fired By Text Message Get Compensation”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Government is paying

Because, unlike America, there is an implicit acknoledgement by the courts that the workers will never get paid if *someone* doesn’t do the right thing. So, instead of rewarding non-existant money, the courts have assumes a dual responsibility of not only doing the right thing, but being willing to step up and pay for a judgement they issued.

Sometimes I wonder what the American Judicial Industrail Complex would be like if it were held to similar standards.

…and the benefit of the entire exercise is to establish presicence that states clearly: you need to be completely insolvent before you can fire people by SMS message.

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