The Problem With Monthly Security Patches

from the security-holes-don't-work-on-a-schedule dept

So much for that plan. Back in October, we joked about Microsoft’s plans to make their operating system more secure by patching it less often. The convoluted thinking was that if they spent more time on specific monthly (second Tuesday of every month) patches, they could get them right and not always be frantic about coming out with new patches all the time. Of course, there’s one fatal flaw in this plan, and that’s that security holes (and those who publicize and/or exploit them) don’t work on a monthly schedule. So, while it’s the second Tuesday of December today, there’s no patch from Microsoft. They’re making it sound like it’s a good thing, but that ignores the few “critical” security updates that came out over the last couple months when “off-schedule” security holes were found.

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