CHEAP P.e.r.s.o.n.a.l E.m.a.i.l A.s.s.i.s.t.a.n.t. Needed

from the a-modest-proposal dept

A classic “modest proposal” written up by Christopher Kenton in Business Week about a way to solve the spam problem. Kenton has been pointing out all the same things lots of people have been pointing out about why all of the various spam laws won’t work – and he’s been getting slammed by angry emailers for it. One assumed that he is against these laws because he has a personal assistant who screens his spam for him – which is when he had his brainstorm: to help solve both the spam problem and the job situation, everyone should hire “personal email assistants” who can manually scan their email for them. He points out that not only does this solve the basic problem, but it has a nice balancing effect. Part of the reason there’s so much spam is that the economy hasn’t been great, and companies are forced to market more aggressively – such as by spam. However, if we put everyone back to work by making them email scanners, then the need for such aggressive marketing decreases – and the system balances out. Not only that, but now we all know the best way to help find yourself a personal email assistant: just send some spam. After all, under the new US anti-spam law, it’s perfectly legal.

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