Analyst Says You Should "Poke Your Camera Phones' Eye Out"

Back in October, we mentioned Meta Group’s Jack Gold was actually suggesting to all companies that they ban camera phones in the workplace. Now, the Register is taking him on and asking him for details. He really seems to have a problem with camera phones. Again, he appears to be worried about the potential to do something bad, rather than the bad act itself – and deciding that the tools should be banned: “Next year’s designs could be snapped and sent to a competitor,” said Gold. “Do you want people running around taking pictures of someone picking their nose?” His suggestion? “Poke it’s eye out.” I think he’s serious. This is backwards thinking. Let’s take the thought process a little further. Automobiles can get into accidents. Do you want people driving cars that could potentially kill them? We must deflate their tires. Computers? They can be used to run scams or send spam. You don’t want people doing that. Smash the screens! There’s a difference between setting up a reasonable policy and overreacting to the potential of what a technology can do.

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