Young People Want Mobile Phones

More evidence that the future of landlines may be in jeopardy. A new study of people between the ages of 16 and 29 say that they would prefer to have a mobile phone to a landline phone. The study also found that younger people are more likely to use the additional features found on a mobile phone. As the younger generation grows up, the trend is going to shift even further, and (of course) behind the 16 year olds comes another generation that won’t even understand the concept of why anyone would ever prefer a landline over a mobile phone.

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Comments on “Young People Want Mobile Phones”

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1 Comment
Jim Hughes (profile) says:

In my experience the vast majority of European 16 year olds already have mobile phones, in fact my 6 year old daughter is pestering me for a mobile phone, and many of her friends already have one.

She can see no advantages for a fixed line phone, and in fact the only advantages I can see are lower call charges (usually offset by high line rental), and as a conduit for DSL.

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