Printed Airline Travel Guides Doing Fine, Despite The Internet

from the sometimes-print-is-nicer... dept

I have a good friend who knows just about everything having to do with airlines and flight schedules. If I’m ever having any difficulty with scheduling or picking a different flight, I just call him up and he suggests the best plan of action. It’s nice to have someone like that who you can call on, because the internet isn’t always around (yet) for you to look this stuff up. Plus, sometimes the internet isn’t the most efficient way to find this information. While lots of people have predicted the death of certain print publications due to the internet, some are still thriving, such as printed airline travel guides, which list all available flights over a certain period. They’re apparently incredibly handy for the frequent traveler who needs to make last minute changes. They can just use the book to look up what flights are around and make quick decisions based on that. Of course, you might think the internet is still better, because it can handle last minute changes, but flights don’t seem to change that much or in a noticeable way (changing a gate shouldn’t make a huge difference). However, most importantly, you don’t need to figure out where the nearest internet connection is to use the book.

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