Registering Your Car During A Traffic Stop

from the nice-move dept

Talk about real-time computing. A New Jersey man who was pulled over by police for not having his registration up-to-date did some quick thinking to keep his car from getting towed. He told the officer that he just hadn’t gotten around to renewing the registration form, and was told that that’s no excuse – especially since it’s so easy to register online. The officer then returned to his patrol car to write a ticket and call for a tow truck – since it’s illegal to have an unregistered car on the road. The driver found the registration form, which was in his car, called a friend on his mobile phone and had the friend register for him online while the cop was writing the ticket. When the ticket was written, the guy told the surprised officer that the car was now registered, which was quickly confirmed. The ticket was still issued, but the tow truck was canceled. Of course, if the guy had a smart phone he probably could have done the whole thing himself – but it still is impressive. Sometimes, always being connected can be useful.

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