Space Invaders Making A Comeback… In The Original Form

from the no-need-to-update-a-classic dept

There are plenty of old video games that have been getting an “update” lately. These are games that have the same title as a game from decades ago, but are otherwise almost entirely different. This isn’t a surprise, considering the vast difference in gaming technology. However, sometimes, people just want the original classic. Taito is planning to start selling the arcade machines of “Space Invaders” again – twenty five years after it was originally introduced. It’s not an update, but the same game that was such a big hit years ago (and one of the first video games I ever played). The only difference has to do with inflation. It’ll now cost $0.50 per play instead of the old standard of $0.25.

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Comments on “Space Invaders Making A Comeback… In The Original Form”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: More

Wow, I agree with Beck

> Set up an over-30 section at the arcade and
> keep those pesky kids out.
This is a great idea. Maybe do a cover charge to keep the rug rats out. I could play Centipede for hours.

> could probably afford to buy one of these
> things for their own rec room – if they can get
> it past their wives
Actually, my wife WANTS a Ms. Pacman, but I simply don’t have any room in my rinky-dink California home.

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