"Sin" Sales Lead The Way For Mobile Content

The story for years in the technology world has been that the porn industry always embraces new technologies first, and often works out the important technological hurdles and business model questions. So, it’s no surprise that it’s happening in the wireless industry as well. Oh yeah, this time, they’re being helped out by the gambling industry too. New studies are showing that mobile porn and gambling applications are bringing in quite a lot of money in the mobile content arena. I’ll admit that I don’t see either as being particularly compelling applications, but I guess I’m not the target market. The idea of viewing tiny porn on a low-res screen (and especially when others are around) is pretty damn unappealing to me. I’m also not a huge gambler, so maybe I’m missing out on the need for a “gambling fix,” but at what point is gambling so important to you that you need to be doing it anywhere? Either way, wherever these sorts of applications go, angry complainers quickly follow – and politicians often follow close behind. I’m sure it won’t be long before politicians are worrying about how these applications need to be regulated with special laws, despite the fact that existing laws probably cover them already.

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