Number Portability Complaints

A lot of our readers have e-mailed in telling us of WLNP porting horror stories, and of how their phone numbers are now stuck in limbo between two carriers. Instead of just giving our readers the almost obligatory “told you so” we’ll also offer the best advice we can on how to extract oneself from LNP purgatory: most of the problems will require you to deal with both carriers as errors can happen on either side, or in between. If you are getting the run-around, focus on your old carrier, as that seems to be the source of most problems. AT&T is known to be having some problems adding customers to their GSM network, but apparently they have been forthcoming on that issue and will let you know if you are affected. When calling customer service on a given day doesn’t work, I’m afraid it will be a matter of repeated daily inquiries until they solve your problems. Be sure to have all your documentation when you call, and also a good idea is a phone headset so you can work on e-mail or something while you’re on hold. If that just doesn’t work, here’s an FCC website with Q&A about WLNP. If you are certain you are getting mistreated, you may consider either threatening to, or actually filing a complaint with the FCC. I’m afraid that’s the best help we can offer. For readers who are still considering porting a phone number, consider waiting until January or thereabouts, when many of the bugs will be worked out of the system.

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