In A World Without Copyrights

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Nothing particularly new, but a nice summation of why our current copyright laws are obsolete. Basically, they were designed to prevent copying in the age of the printing press, and technology has changed drastically since that time. Trying to wedge current digital intellectual property issues into obsolete copyright laws is just part of the reason why we’ve been having so many problems lately. The article suggests that their must be a better way, and talks about using ideas like copyleft or the Creative Commons to rewrite copyright law to bring it up to date.

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Comments on “In A World Without Copyrights”

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1 Comment
Gene Hoffman (user link) says:

Wrong Name

Copyrights are no longer about copying. They are really about publishing. An intellectual property owner should and does have the right to stop public publication and should retain that right if we’re going to have IP.

Otherwise, I can take everything you write and publish it as mine ad infinitum. Nobody wants that. The key of course is that this is a creator opt in system…

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