Silent Ringtones?

While I’m still a strong supporter of no ringtones at all, and just putting your phone into vibrate mode, it’s pretty clear that ringtones aren’t going away. So, then, what’s the purpose of a silent ringtone? At first this might seem like a joke – but it’s actually a pretty good idea. You can take the silent ringtone and set it as the ringtone for people you don’t want to hear from. The phone “rings”, but doesn’t alert you, and they end up going into voicemail. Of course, I don’t really see the point of paying for a “silent” ringtone, and I wonder whether or not most phones should (or do?) support that functionality already by having one of the choices in setting ring associations as “none.” I just checked the only phone handy that has ringtones, and it doesn’t have such a setting – but it should.

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Comments on “Silent Ringtones?”

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dick face says:


the ring tone is gay it is like a shity noise that never stops it is so gay and i am just going to keep typing cause i am so pissed of at the shity ring and am just trying to write the longest message out of every one so beat that ass holes i now have the longest message out of all the messages that are on this stupid dick of a web site. P.S. i didnt even listen to the ring tone because the stupid school computer dose not have any sound so i could not listen to the stupid ring tone the school computers are so gay they are shit. dam my maths teacher is calling me see u later

Samantha says:


That noise bloody well hurts your ears! X_x
Okay I am kinda mixed on this thing. I think it’s crud because the damned thing won’t work on my phone and I just tested it on someone (over 30) and their heard it just fine. But, then, the idea of being able to hear it when adults can’t is also good. Oh the confusion. It’s too annoying to be a ringtone I’d use frequently. Probably just something to confuse mini chavs with on the bus. Mind that is easy enough with a mirror and a little sunshine. 😉 Gotta love the shiney moving thing on the wall that they all seem to be so confused as to how it is getting there. Well anyway, I am gonna go try to download it one more time before I give up and start finger painting instead…O.o; Yeah…….Oh and Dick Face…I think I beat you. So yeah. Up yours. ^_^ Peace out! War in!

zmyr88 says:

The "silent" ringtone, how to get it free

if you download a program called audicity, and use the tone generator, there are conflicting info on frquencies, Try : 17k, 15k, according to one site, 15k can be heard by people 18-24, but not older, A pure sine wave may be much harder for people to hear than one with noise in it. I dont know of any program yet to send it to you cell, though,

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