Should Companies Be Sued For Allowing Pornographic Spam?

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Here come the lawyers. This topic has been discussed before, but as the spam problem gets worse, more lawyers are sensing a chance to make a little extra money, so it’s coming up again. Lawyers are now looking to sue companies that allow pornographic spam to reach employee in-boxes saying that it creates an unsafe working environment. Of course, companies already know what a pain spam is to their employees, and they would love to stop it. The problem is that spam is very difficult to stop effectively, and many spam-stopping solutions create additional problems as well (whether its additional maintenance costs or lost legitimate emails). Blaming the spam on the companies that don’t use filters seems a bit misplaced. The people who should be blamed are the spammers themselves. Besides, in most cases, the spam is due to someone letting their email address become public. If these lawsuits are valid, then it actually will encourage people to be fast and loose with their email address to get as much porn spam as possible – just to sue their employers.

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Comments on “Should Companies Be Sued For Allowing Pornographic Spam?”

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Frank says:

No Subject Given

On one hand this seems like a slippery slope (how far are we from “this salesman I don’t know called me through my work phone, my employer should not let people I don’t know harass me like that, it’s just like spam!”). But then again, with more and more companies assuming editorial review over what web sites employees can view, and what they can write in e-mails, and whether they can use instant messenging (and yes, whether they can play games), a sort of “well, if my boss can control everything, then control the spam, or it’s the boss’s fault!” response was inevitable.

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