Habitual Scammer Auctioning Off Dinner Date

from the what-are-the-chances-she-shows-up? dept

A woman who apparently has left a long line of scams and crimes (including driving over her mother) in her wake, and who is wanted in many places, is apparently trying to auction off a dinner date on eBay at a “mystery location”, where she claims she’d tell the stories of her various scams and crimes. eBay has taken the auction down, but not because of the nature of the auction, but because the woman also was trying to sell her own book separately within the same auction – and eBay frowns on you trying to offer two separate deals in a single auction. Of course, police say most of the “stories” you might hear from this woman are made up. You also have to wonder if the woman would ever actually show up. Among her many, many scams, she’s been accused of selling stuff on eBay and not delivering the goods.

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