Women Want Wireless

from the what-to-get-that-special-lady dept

Wondering whether to go with chocolate or flowers for the special woman in your life? You might be better off going with a nice 3G mobile phone network. A new study by the folks at Siemens (who certainly are a bit on the biased side, since they want to sell more 3G equipment) says that women are big fans of what UMTS 3G wireless technology can do for them. However, they point out, the women are more interested in how the technology is useful, rather than what it is. This, of course, seems pretty obvious, and is exactly what we were talking about back in October when we wondered why anyone would bother doing a study looking at whether or not people knew what UMTS is. That doesn’t matter. What UMTS is useful for is what matters – and apparently, the European women Siemens studied agree with us. Of course, it’s no surprise to those of us at Techdirt that women like useful gadgets. For years, we’ve been pointing to study after study saying that “chicks dig gadgets.” On the wireless front, earlier this year there was a study saying that women felt text messages showed how much the sender cared more than things like flowers and chocolate (though, that study seemed a bit questionable). Still, it’s a bit more evidence that the stereotype of guys and their gadgets may be a bit outdated.

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