Security Fears Hold Back Online Banking

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While banks have been caught off-guard about how quickly online banking caught on, there are still plenty of people who won’t go near it, because they have concerns about the security of the online banking offerings from their banks. Banks are still trying to lure new customers by dropping fees or offering discounts for using online banking. Of course, if the big problem is security fears, you would think the proper thing to do would be (a) make sure the security is as good as can be and (b) advertise that fact. Unfortunately, actually improving security doesn’t seem like it’s at the top of the list for some of these banking sites.

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Comments on “Security Fears Hold Back Online Banking”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Unfortunately, a number of banks have chosen to run their systems on a microsoft architecture. How secure do you feel knowing that your money and transactions are being handled by Microsofts products, which are patched at least monthly, have too many virus’s to keep track of, etc ? ? ?

It’s not so much though you have to worry about the banks taking security seriously, THEY DO !!! Ever called up an tried to talk to someone about your account ? It’s a pain in the ass to convince them I’m who I say I am, Mother, SSN, Amount of last deposit, last 5 withdrawals, etc.. jeez !!

Anyway, I use my online banking facility to handle virtually all my transactions. Runs On Solaris. Has some problems of it’s own but not nearly those of Microsoft.

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