The Lawmakers Who Voted Against Legalizing Spam

from the good-for-them dept

While politicians have been pushing each other over to talk about how wonderful the new “CAN-SPAM” bill is – even though there’s plenty to suggest it’s going to make the problem worse by legalizing spam – someone noticed that a few brave Congresspeople (but no Senators) voted against the bill. Since most politicians voted for it without worrying about the consequences (knowing that voting for any anti-spam bill, no matter how bad, will look good to the voters back home), it’s interesting to see why those few voted against it. Four of the five who voted against it say that they are against the fact that it overrides the states’ own laws or they feel that any law based on “opt-out” instead of “opt-in” won’t work (as supported by plenty of similar laws within various states). The last “no” vote came from a Libertarian who says he opposes any internet regulation.

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