Indie Labels Upset About Incorrect RIAA Link

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Independent record labels are realizing just how much damage the RIAA is doing to their own members. With people using things like the RIAA Radar to make sure that they only by music from non-RIAA member labels, a bunch of independent labels are pissed off at the RIAA for including them on their list of members (story is an NPR radio stream). The labels say they’re not members, and want the RIAA to take them off their list as they fear the backlash from the RIAA’s tactics. Found via Dave Farber’s IP list. Unfortunately, the radio stream won’t work for me, but there’s a quick summary on the page linked. I’d be curious to know why the RIAA thinks it’s okay to name labels as members when they’re not, in fact, members. The posting at IP says that the labels are threatening the RIAA (ah, yes, the irony) with copyright infringement for using their names without permission.

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Comments on “Indie Labels Upset About Incorrect RIAA Link”

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LittleW0lf says:

Number Games

This is normal for the RIAA, isn’t it? After all, they make up things all the time…seems to me like this is a ploy to get Congress or other governmental agencies to believe that the RIAA speaks for everyone in the industry.

After all, the RIAA says they look after the artists too (though their methods appear shaky at best, since they only want the artists to sell their souls to the industry which sues its customers and keeps its unpopular musicians in poverty.)

LittleW0lf says:

Re: RIAA != The Music Industry

A record label is just anybody who puts up ~$1500 to press a run of CDs. The RIAA has nothing to do with the process.

Unfortunately, the RIAA does have a lot to do with the process, as they help set the ~$1500 price to press a CD, since their members consist of a large percentage of the CD Pressing companies. And lately, the RIAA has been pushing hard on the CD Pressing companies to prevent “Copyright Piracy”, while unfortunately (or fortunately for the RIAA) also cutting out ligitimate music labels.

If you need proof, take a look at the Negativland issue [negativland], or Jambands writeup on other bands not able to press their CDs [Jambands].

Ryan King (user link) says:

Re: Re: RIAA != The Music Industry

Major CD manufactures are in the RIAA? Firstly, I’m pretty sure that just isn’t true. Secondly, so what? Do you know how many CD duplicators there are? Thousands in the US alone. The machinery to manufacture a 1000 silk screened CDs is really cheap these days.
Also, how do copyright violations for uncleared samples have anything to do with being major or indie? Are you saying it shouldn’t be illegal to manufacture CDs containing audio you don’t own the rights to?

Finally, NegitivLand are hardly a typical example. They’re a very well known band and a very well known set of trouble makers. They where signed to SST for peats sake, that puts them lightyears ahead of your average indie pressing their own CDs.
This is exactly the kind of knee jerk anti-RIAA reaction that just screams “I ain’t got a clue!” and totally magrinalizes anything you say after that point.

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