Gaming Is A Just A Part Of Life

from the pervasive dept

The latest study from the Pew Internet and American Life folks shows that video games are just another part of life for college kids today. The article says that, contrary to the opinions of some older generations, video gaming is a social activity and doesn’t seem to impact students’ studies. They also found that (again, contrary to popular opinion) many women play video games, but usually to fill up the time when they were bored. Men, on the other hand, set aside time to play video games. Just like in the work space, it sounds like most students will play a quick video game occasionally to clear their minds from work. Of course, there are always those who can’t control their gaming habit, but on the whole, most people use games as a little break. For those who are scared of such things happening in the workplace, it’s only likely to increase as these kids graduate, join the workforce, and reshape how work gets done.

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