More Outsourcers Realizing Hidden Costs

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AMetamorphosis submitted this story about how Dell is bringing some of their tech support jobs back from India. This isn’t new or a surprise and is part of the trend that we predicted from the very beginning of the outsourcing craze. While AMetamorphosis says that we’ve only posted “pro” outsourcing articles, that’s simply not true. We’ve been saying for a while that there are hidden costs and that plenty of companies are regretting the decision. Our argument, from the beginning was that putting in place protectionist policies to block this sort of activity is bad. That doesn’t mean we think everyone should outsource. We’ve said before that the costs of offshoring are much higher than people expect – and the rush to offshore work was premature. However, if it really does save money and really is effective, there’s no reason it should be blocked – as it has the potential to improve our own economy as well. In fact, it’s a bit amusing that most of the folks who were talking about why we needed protectionist policies are now so thrilled with these stories about jobs coming back to the US. Three months ago, if you listened to them, they insisted that all American tech-related jobs were permanently going away and there was no way to stop them without protectionist policies. These articles are showing that those people were wrong.

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Comments on “More Outsourcers Realizing Hidden Costs”

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AMetamorphosis says:

Buy American - Speak English


It just goes to show that the majority of American consumers are fed up with losing jobs, political correctness run amok & corporate greed. The ONLY reason they are bringing jobs back is because we as the consumers simply will not stand for it.
I simply tell the ” customer service ” people that do not speak English that I do not understand them and to please kindly get me an English speaking person.
As the consumer, it is not my responsibility to teach Dell’s employees how to speak English and weather the rest of the world likes it or not the language of $$$ is English.
The Japanese seem to understand this.

Thank you for posting this article.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Buy American - Speak English

“As the consumer, it is not my responsibility to teach Dell’s employees how to speak English and weather the rest of the world likes it or not the language of $$$ is English”

Next you post that people can’t speak English, proofread for spelling and run-on sentences.

Ryano says:

Re: Re: Re: Buy American - Speak English

I work for a Dell outsourcer here in the united states, an i know first hand that when customers get an american or even a good english speaking person on the phone, they are soooooo much happier. I have even had some of the people tell me “I finally got an American.” However, not all of Dell accounts are in America yet…. at the place i work, we handle only corporate accounts, so next time you buy a Dell, make sure you register it to a company name, even if the company name is your name.

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