Is Google's Own Success Causing Problems?

from the cracks-in-the-armor dept

I’ve been hearing similar stories a lot recently, but now the press is picking up on the fact that many perceive Google to be in a bit of chaos lately, and, in some cases getting some of the dot com arrogance that made AOL so (in)famous. Fortune has written up a big article suggesting that the company is a disaster inside and will have tremendous problems dealing with being a public company. Whether or not it’s true, I don’t think the article does a great job backing up their thesis. For the most part, they throw together a few anecdotal stories that don’t seem nearly as bad as a few of the stories I’ve been hearing lately. Any company that grows as fast as they have is going to face a few problems – the real question is how they deal with it. One person I spoke to recently pointed out that part of the mentality at Google is based on the fact that, so far, everything has pretty much gone their way. The suggestion was that people are very unsure how Google will deal with its first “failure”, which is bound to happen sooner or later (if it hasn’t already). I’m willing to reserve judgment until that happens – but I do think you learn a lot more about a company in how it deals with its mistakes then in all of its successes.

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Comments on “Is Google's Own Success Causing Problems?”

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1 Comment
Ed Byrne says:

Google's problems.

I don’t like pointing out the obvious here, but someone has to. Saying a company as large as Google has never made any mistakes is probably a trifle optimistic. I think there success is in the fact that we don’t know about any of their mistakes. No doubt they have made some (as suggested in your article) it’s the fact that they have obviously managed to keep them quite and fix them internally.

Name any other large tech firm that’s done that?

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