Google Fighting Back Against Optimized Pages

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I’ve been hearing more and more people say that Google’s algorithm is “broken”. People are finding that the search engine optimizer people have figured out ways to game their PageRank system to get their pages to the top of Google’s results, leaving more relevant pages out. Mostly this is true of commercial sites. I found this out last week when I tried to find the phone number for a particular hotel, and, instead, Google gave me listing after listing to help me book hotel rooms. Of course, Google is not going to stand still, and it appears that their latest adjustment is targeted directly at Google optimizers. The article is not particularly clear (though, maybe it makes sense to the search engine optimizers it’s targeted for), but the summary appears to be that Google has added some sort of filter – and if the filter believes the site is too optimized it excludes the page from its results. In other words, it’s trying to guess which sites are trying to hard to move up the Google ranks and punishes them for it. That’s a pretty tight line to walk, and the writer of the article (a search engine optimizer) seems to think that there will be ways to beat it, and Google will have to ditch the plan. It does seem pretty difficult to figure out sites look too good for Google without blocking out plenty of legitimate sites as well.

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Comments on “Google Fighting Back Against Optimized Pages”

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Gluefreak says:

No Subject Given

Another thing Google needs to filter for is Amazon Web Services. I published a book two years ago and when you search for it, you get tons of results for people’s dynamically generated AWS sites. (Not that I object to the book appearing on those sites, since presumably more exposure = more sales.) But certainly those sites should not be ranking higher than legitimate book reviews, blogs in which the book is mentioned, and so forth. You’d think it would be a relatively simple thing to score AWS pages in relation to other pages, especially since they all have the exact same Amazon-provided content (which is just a mirror of what’s on anyway).

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