ID Theft Scammers Sentenced… But For How Long?

from the unclear dept

Over in the UK they’re trying to make an example out of a group of six identity theft scammers, and have sentenced them to jailtime. Here’s where the article gets confusing though. It claims that they received 15 years in jail. While they might deserve it, 15 years sounds especially harsh for identity theft considering what people get for other crimes. So, if you read the fine print, it actually says that the six scammers received “a total of 15 and a half years in jail.” In other words, I think they mean that if you add up the sentences of the six men it will total 15.5 years, meaning that we have no idea how long each of them received individually – but it should average a bit over two years each (which seems more likely). I’m sure the 15.5 years sounds better for publicity purposes, though. Either way, the article should be a lot clearer on what’s actually happening.

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