Computer Problems In The Workplace

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Years ago, there was a big, overhyped study about how information technology was doing nothing to make companies more productive – which many read and concluded that you were better off just not investing in technology at all. The big problem, though, was that the study discussed results in the aggregate. There were plenty of companies who were using information technology well – but they were canceled out by those who were using it terribly. It sounds like not much has changed in the intervening years. The good folks over at iSociety have come out with a study saying that computer systems aren’t helping the way they should – but it’s often the fault of people, not the systems themselves. In other words, just like in those original studies, it’s all about the execution. The study suggests that employees are mostly looking at the technology forced on them as something they need to deal with, rather than as something that can help them do their jobs. If companies were to take a more careful approach to investing in technology (which included involving those who will use the technology in the decision making process) they can do a lot better job when it comes to actually seeing the benefits of the technology.

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Comments on “Computer Problems In The Workplace”

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1 Comment
thecaptain says:

computers in the workplace

One main problem of computers in the workplace isn’t that the uninitiated don’t trust them…its that they do implicitely.

Basically you see these zombies/drones simply shut down their brains and believe anything they see on the screen no matter how much you tell them it ain’t so.

How many times have you been told “that’s what it says in the computer” rather than “if there is a mistake let’s see what we can do to verify and fix it”

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