Want Your Own Web Controlled Satellite?

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We’ve had plenty of articles about the idea of “space tourism” and how many think it has huge potential, but there’s still a long way to go before that becomes reasonable for more than just a very small number of people. However, one company, SpaceDev is looking at a middle step between what we’ve got now and real space tourism. They’re using eBay to offer you your very own chance to own a web-controlled satellite. That’s right. For just a few spare million dollars you have lying around, you can own a mostly useless satellite. But, you can show off to your friends by logging into it via a web browser and pointing it at their homes. That’s gotta be worth the money. The company is also pitching it to people who then want to resell control time on their satellites. Certainly seems like a long shot, but you should never underestimate the desires of people with large egos and even larger wallets.

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