Carriers Still Trying Last Minute Delays On Number Portability

from the get-over-it-already! dept

This just never ends… While most of the major wireless carriers have given up trying to stop wireless local number portability (and in the case of Verizon Wireless, publicly embraced number portability), it appears that some of the smaller carriers are now making their last minute desperation play to stop it. A group representing smaller rural carriers has given the FCC an ultimatum, saying that if they don’t stop number portability by tomorrow, they’ll go to court to get portability delayed. They claim that number portability leads to an unfair competitive situation where the bigger carriers can stomp on the smaller ones. The FCC’s response? Nope. Number portability is going into effect Monday no matter how much carriers of all sizes complain about it.

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Comments on “Carriers Still Trying Last Minute Delays On Number Portability”

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AMetamorphosis says:


I’m already beginning to enjoy the fight. Every time I see an advertisement for a competitor of my cell carrier I have been calling them up and demanding that they meet their competitors offerings. So far I’ve managed unlimited nights and weekend BEGINNING @ 7:00pm ( Thank you Sprint ). I’ve upped my minutes to 1200 a month & I’m asking where in the hell is my ” fast forward unit ” that Cingular is hawking … all for $ 34.95 a month.


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